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GROHE SPA embodies the concept of 'Salus Per Aquam' (Health Through Water), offering exclusive, luxurious products for creating unique wellness areas where users can indulge in soothing water rituals. The installation at the Pinacoteca di Brera, as part of Milan Design Week, perfectly encapsulated the GROHE SPA concept. The water surfaces reflected the stunning architecture of the art museum and the stillness of the water expanded the place creating almost an illusion. Four reflective cubes were placed in each of the courtyard’s corners to provide interior spaces where the GROHE SPA products were showcased. Our task was to document the installation and the events dedicated, capturing every situation useful to convey the emotions related to the experience.

MDW and the GROHE SPA installation provided an excellent opportunity to meet LIXIL’s major stakeholders and a diverse group of renowned architects, interior designers, and industry experts. In our videos for GROHE X, these professionals discuss the latest trends and innovations, sharing their visions, challenges, and predictions for the future of architecture.

The social aspect was also crucial, as we created targeted content daily to engage with our audience and highlight the unique features and innovations of GROHE SPA.

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